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How Much It Costs To Own A Vagina

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It's not something most people think about on a daily basis, but owning a vagina is actually pretty expensive.

When you add up all the costs the average woman spends on vaginal health and contraception, the number rises pretty quickly.

Birth control costs on average about $129.99 per pill pack (with insurance) adding up to a yearly total of: $1689.87.

Tampons and Maxipads, if you're using those instead of something reusable like the Diva Cup, cost $6.79 per box at Drugstore.com, and at 9 boxes of tampons per year that's: $61.11….AND at $7.99 per package of maxi pads at Drugstore.com, at 7 packages a year that total is: $59.43 for a grand period year total of $120.54.

PMS Relief, such as Midol, is used by 85% of women, and so at an estimated rate of three bottles a year at $6.99 a bottle at Drugstore.com, the yearly total is: $20.97.

Another important aspect of vaginal well-being are pelvic exams & pap smears. They are offered at planned parenthood for $175.

This next one should be covered by guys but a horny man isn't necessarily worried about safety, so 2 boxes of condoms a year at $17.99 for a box of 36 is $35.98.

"Feminine itching" is another common female problem and a tub of Vagisil costs $6.29 at Drugstore.com.

A UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is a common and expensive malady that would run a woman $40 per prescription of generic antibiotics and $8.81 per 32 oz. bottle of all-natural cranberry juice at Amazon.com.

Studies have shown that around 75% of women will get a yeast infection at some point in their lifetime. So that's $16.68 for Monistat at Drugstore.com and $90 for a Planned Parenthood screening.

Pubic hair removal is a surprisingly large sum of money with most woman age 18-39 who engage in regular trimming or removing pubes via shaving, waxing or laser surgery. Depending on the method, a $35 wax job at 9 times per year is: $315. While
$15.95 for shaving products per month at 12 times per year is: $191.40.

This last one has no specific studies so it's just kinda ballparkin' it. It can be guessed women use twice as much toilet paper as men because they use it for #1 and #2. $11.99 per 9 pack at Drugstore.com, at 12 packs per year come to a total of: $143.88.

So when you add all of that up you get a grand total of $2663.02!

It costs you over two Gs just to own a vajayjay!!!

And if you add in the variables of emergency contraception ($50 without insurance), a pregnancy test ($15) or an abortion ($400 through Planned Parenthood or $1500 without insurance through a private provider) then things can get very expensive.

Up to adding an additional $465 to $1565.

We had no idea vaginas were so expensive. And now we all know.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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