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Is Half The Chicken We Buy Riddled With E. Coli??

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According to the PCRM, yes, yes it is.

The non-profit group, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), are the ones behind the infamous billboards like the "hot dogs cause butt cancer" one.

They have released a new study that found almost half of all chicken in a supermarket is tainted with e. coli!!

They tested samples from five grocery store chains in ten major cities.

But don't worry, several experts are disputing the results.

One of the experts said:

"[The] study’s findings were not supported by any science or facts. [The study] assumes that the presence of generic E. coli could only come from contact with feces, when that is simply not the case.

The E. coli identified in the study is not a type that would make consumers ill."

Even the National Chicken Council (yes, that's apparently a real thing) blasted the study, saying:

"These findings, not a ‘peer reviewed’ study, are another misleading attempt by a pseudo-medical group to scare consumers in hopes of advancing their goal of a vegan society and to derail a USDA proposed rule to modernize the poultry inspection system.

The presence of generic E. coli is not a guaranteed indicator for fecal contamination, as suggested. Most E. coli strains are completely harmless and these findings do not differentiate between those strains and the ones that can cause food-borne illness, like O157:H7. All E. coli strains are killed through proper cooking."

So it's their word against the PCRM.

We're going to choose to believe the other experts and continue to eat chicken.

Especially because the sample size was only 120 chickens.

Besides, always make sure to cook to your chicken to an internal temperature of 165 F and you're all good!

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