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Yuck! Study Shows U.S. Has The SALTIEST Food!

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Ever wonder why fast food tastes so good?

It's the SALT!

Salt and fat. But mainly salt.

A new study has found that the U.S. may have the saltiest food in the entire world!

Researchers looked at popular fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC, Domino's, Subway and more and found that many of their menu items have more sodium in them than they do in other countries.

An example would be when comparing U.S. and U.K. McNuggets.

A British McNugget contains 0.6 grams of sodium per 100 grams of nugget. An American nugget contains 1.6 grams of sodium per 100 grams. That's a full extra gram of salt per nugget in America!

The worst part? It's not just fast food.

Whether it's a fancy restaurant or even the grocery store, we can't escape the sodium.

The study's author said:

"If you go to an expensive restaurant, it is just as unhealthy. You just paid more money for it.

If you go to the grocery store and you buy packaged food, it is just as bad. It’s a much larger issue."

Just a few months ago the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that nine out of ten Americans eat too much sodium every day!

So it seems the best we can do is not add so much salt to our eggs/pasta/sandwiches and drink crazy amounts of water to try and balance out all the salt.

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