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Cocaine Literally Destroys Your Brain

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Cocaine Destroys Brains

Doing drugs is one of the stupidest things, and more and more proof is out there to prove it.

As of right now, the biggest argument against cocaine use (other than it can kill you instantly if you don't know what you're doing) is that it literally is destroying your brain at twice the speed of normal aging.

So, congratulations if you love cocaine: it's ruining your mind.

This new study took a look at 120 people. Half of them were dependent on cocaine, the other half had no drug problems. Cocaine users lost about 3.08 ml brain volume per year, twice the rate of non-users.

As if that wasn't bad enough, most of the loss happened in the prefrontal and temporal cortex areas of the brain. Things like attention, decision-making, self-regulation, and memory go right out the window.

Here's what one of the doctors said:

“As we age, we all lose grey matter. However, what we have seen is that chronic cocaine users lose grey matter at a significantly faster rate, which could be a sign of premature ageing. Our findings therefore provide new insight into why the cognitive deficits typically seen in old age have frequently been observed in middle aged chronic users of cocaine.”

Gross. Drug use is gross.

Why would anyone start a habit like that knowing the consequences? It's just like smoking!

You always have a choice. Make the right one for you health.

[Image via AP Images.]

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