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Seven Scary Side Effects Of Junk Food

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Everyone knows junk food is bad for your waistline.

But did U know it can affect all different parts of your body??

Ch-ch-check out this list of seven ways junk food is bad for you in more than just packing on the pounds.

1. Sugars, trans fats and starches can cause insulin to surge and this can trigger an inflammatory response. This speeds up the aging process and can bring wrinkles on before their time!

2. High salt content causes bloating because it helps your body hold onto water. Even diet soda can make things worse because of the bubbles and artificial sweeteners, which respectively trap air and cause gas, and can lead to some real bloating problems.

3. White bread, white rice, white anything else (as in processed foods), can cause constipation because they have almost no fiber.

4. High-fat meals can cause acid indigestion. They take longer to digest so they'll sit in your stomach for much longer. The next time you eat, all that extra acid can splash back up your esophagus and cause heartburn.

5. Sugary foods or sweet, caffeinated drinks cause serious insulin spikes and drops which affect brain chemicals and can lead to mood swings.

6. There's a chemical called tyramine that is formed when certain proteins in food coloring, dyes and nitrates from processed meats are broken down. Tyramine is a known headache inducer.

7. People who eat lots of junk food tend to be more depressed than people who don't. Even if you're resistant to the effects of all the bad things in junk food, pigging out on food you know to be bad can make you feel depressed all just for having slipped up and pigged out.

So all you have to do is cut out the junk food and you'll be feeling and looking happy and healthy!

Say no to junk food!

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