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Scientists Clone Genetically Modified Sheep That Contains 'Good' Fats

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In China, scientists have cloned a genetically modified sheep containing a "good" fat usually found in nuts, seeds and fish.

This "good" fat helps to recede the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

The sheep, Peng Peng, was given a roundworm fat gene.

The lead scientist said:

"It's growing very well and is very healthy like a normal sheep. The gene was originally from the C. elegans (roundworm) which has been shown (in previous studies) to increase unsaturated fatty acids which is very good for human health."

It's pretty crazy that we can literally change the DNA of a creature and make it do things it was never intended to do and still be healthy.

Maybe in the future, all food will be healthy!

Imagine eating a Big Mac instead of taking a multivitamin…

We can always dream.

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