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The 14 Best And Worst Foods For Digestion

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Just because heartburn is only something you've heard of it in commercials and your digestive tract is reminiscent of an acid-lined wood chipper, doesn't mean you still wouldn't benefit from some subtle dietary changes.

Or, if you know heartburn all too well and your digestive tract is more like a slip 'n slide coated in lemon juice and razorblades, then you'll definitely want to pay attention to these 14 best and worst foods for digestion.

Don't mix them up.


High-fat and fried food (Fat causes heartburn.)
Chili peppers (Spicy foods hurt inside just as much as they do in your mouth.)
Dairy (Fat and lactose can cause bloating and cramping.)
Alcohol (Inflames stomach lining, also can cause heart burn.)
Berries with small seeds (This one is only hypothesized to be bad for people with diverticulitis. If you don't know what it is then please continue enjoying strawberries.)
Chocolate (Can cause constipation.)
Coffee, tea, and soft drinks (Sugar, caffeine and chemicals‚Ķ ’nuff said.)
Corn (Cellulose, when not chewed enough, can cause gas and abdominal pain.)


Yogurt (Healthy bacteria.)
Kimchi (Cabbage in Kimchi stimulates healthy bacteria growth in the colon, also has fiber.)
Lean meat and fish (Less fat, and the good omega fatty acids.)
Whole grains (Great source of fiber.)
Bananas (Electrolytes, potassium and fiber.)
Ginger (A million uses, relives nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, gas, etc.)

So just stay away from the worst list and get to know the best list better.

Do that, and you'll be digesting like a champ!

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