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A WWE Diva's Mold Free Diet

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Have you ever heard the expression,"It's a blessing in disguise?" Well that couldn't be more true about the story I'm about to share with you. My name is Lilian Garcia and I'm a WWE Diva and musician. I’m the longest running WWE Diva the company has ever had. In my eleven years with WWE, my job has required me to look my best at all times. But because of what happened to me 17 years ago, hasn't always been easy, yet I wouldn't have it any other way. Allow me to explain.

Seventeen years ago I lived in a lake house in South Carolina. While I was in that house, I began to feel sick and had symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, respiratory & sinus infections & nausea. Years later I found out that the house had black mold in it and because I lived in it for 2 1/2 years, it basically poisoned me. Even though I moved away from the home, the symptoms did not go away, in fact they got worse. Finally, I discovered through my allergist that the reason they were getting worse was because my body had lost the ability to fight off mold. This is when I found out there was such a thing as the "Mold Free Diet". Apparently there were foods I was eating that my body thought was more mold invading, therefore creating histamines and making my life miserable.

So what is a Mold Free Diet? Basically staying away from any foods that ferment such as dairy, soy, vinegar, mayo, mushrooms, dried fruits, smoked meats, and melons to name a few. I can hear you now…"Are you kidding? What DO you eat?" Being on this diet has made me eat very clean and therefore very healthy. I eat fresh fruits & vegetables, chicken, fish, brown rice, eggs, oatmeal and almond milk, among other items. I have learned to LOVE the taste of food without having to smother it in heavy creams & sauces. Eating this way has not only been healthier for my system but in combination with working out at least 5 days a week, it has also allowed me to stay lean. These types of foods break down more easily in the body as well.

While my situation was certainly a blessing that I realized years later, the Mold Free Diet isn’t just for people like me. It’s a way to get your own body back to the basics, feel great and look your best. It’s the most positive thing I ever did for myself and I hope my telling you about the experience gives you the inspiration to realize your own new energy, vitality and a fantastic healthier future.

- WWE Diva Lilian

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