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Largest Youth Helmet Replacement Program EVER Is Announced!

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Kid Football Helmets

Now THIS is some fabtastic news!!

The NFL and NFLPA have announced that they're launching a new Helmet Replacement Program that's going to help youth and their football safety for those little ones!

The league and players union, along with USA Football, the CDC, the NCAA and a number of different organizations will be going into different locations and communities that don't have the access to newer and safer equipment and will be replacing football helmets that are 10 years or older.


Here's what the NFL Commissioner said:

“We are pleased to be part of this initiative, which will give children in underserved communities access to new helmets, and to reach coaches and parents with educational information to help protect young athletes from head injuries. This program is part of our focus on player safety at all levels of the game. We are proud to join with these well-respected organizations to make the Helmet Replacement Program a reality.”

This is so great — it'll definitely help those kids stay protected… and perhaps invite new kids to try out!

The plan is to distribute almost 13,000 new helmets in "low-income communities" during 2012! Also, any leagues that receive the new helmets will be required "to have their coaches complete USA Football's Level 1 coaching course" which involves a heavy dosage of "Tackle Safety."

Safer doesn't mean 100% safe… but safer is better!

Awesome plan, guys! We need more programs like this!

[Image via AP Images.]

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