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Laxative Free Colonoscopies May Work Just As Well!

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Lax Colonoscopy

This is great news for your backside nether-regions: laxative free colonoscopies may work just as well as the ones that clear you out!

The new way of doing it involves lying in a CT scanner, rather than being probed with an endoscope, and not having to drink about a gallon of laxatives before the visit.

One doctor said:

"The subtraction of the laxative can only make what's already an attractive test even more attractive."


In all seriousness, people are known to actually avoid getting tested because of how uncomfortable and UNattractive the whole thing is. This could lead to saving many more lives!

The only real problem is that if the virtual test finds a polyp that needs removed, you then have to do all the invasive stuff to get rid of it.

But hey, maybe the chance of not finding anything is worth it??

Besides, the virtual test found 91% of the polyps and the colonoscopy found 95% (but had a better rate of finding the smaller, less worrisome ones) — so maybe that 4% doesn't mean much to you!

It's always good to have options!

[Image via AP Images.]

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