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The Best And Worst Frozen Vegetables

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"Eat your veggies!" is a phrase everyone has heard at some point in their lives.

Some listened, some didn't.

Well listen now… EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

They're so good for too many reasons to even begin listing — but when it comes to frozen veggies, not all are created equal.

Freezing is a great way to keep certain vegetables edible for much longer, but it can also alter the texture or taste so much that they become almost inedible.

The worst:

Brussel Sprouts (Taste gross frozen. Get mushy.)

Carrots (They get rubbery and gross.)

Broccoli (It will smell so bad you won't want to eat it.)

Asparagus (It turns to mush.)

Cauliflower (Crumbles after defrosting and loses its sweetness.)

Lima Beans (They get grainy and dry and gross out people who already probably never liked them even fresh.)

The best:

Artichokes (They keep well and are cheaper than fresh.)

Corn (May be less crunchy but it's still just as sweet.)

Sweet Peas (They keep well and taste great.)

Edamame (Hard to find fresh anyway and taste great frozen.)

Spinach (Not as good as fresh but still good mixed into certain dishes like lasagna.)

So now that you know which frozen veggies to stay away from and which you can keep for weeks and weeks and still enjoy, you can start eating healthier!

Use this knowledge well, and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle.

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