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Hiding The Real You Is Making You Sick

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Be Yourself

Be yourself.

Your parents have been giving you that advice for ages. You should be taking it — because repressing the 'real' you just might be making you sick!

According to a study done at UCLA, an investigation was launched amongst HIV-positive gay men to see if there was a link between the progression of the disease and how open they were with their homosexuality.

The people who were tested were asked to rate themselves: “definitely in the closet,” “in the closet most the time,” “half in and half out,” “out most of the time,” or “completely out of the closet.”

They then studied the illness as it went on.

They found, on all counts, that the HIV infection advance more quickly depending on how "out of the closet" they were! Not only that, but the more they lived as themselves, the healthier they were!

Plus, you shouldn't think it was barely a difference, either: the participants that were mostly or all the way in the closet hit critically low CD4 counts 40 percent faster!

This isn't just true for HIV and AIDs, too. All kinds of illness and all kinds of hiding have an effect, like whether you’re hiding your unhappiness in your marriage, your dissatisfaction at work… it's all bad for your health!

So, in the end, just listen to your parents — be yourself!

[Image via AP Images.]

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