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WWE Divas Champion Layla Has A Life Of Ease

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I start with that question as every morning I ask myself “Do you want a life of ease???"


The obvious or easiest answer would be YES…… But then again what true results would I get out of my workouts? So I make the decision to go to the gym and give it my all and end up feeling like I'm on "TOP OF THE WORLD!!!"

My workouts are a huge factor in my life. I openly joke on twitter (@mslayel) and in person that "Gym" is my boyfriend……the man in my life.

As I like to go to the “Gym” as soon as I get up (see he's the first thing I think about!! I'm such a good girlfriend) due to the fact if I let the day go on and the later it gets I sometimes lose energy so I find it harder to go……as I am sure many of you can relate. Well for a period of time last year, I lost out on some quality time with “Gym.”

In May 2011, I suffered a torn ACL and MCL and had to have surgery to repair my knee. I couldn't workout for over 7 months and during that time I noticed drastically how much working out had a positive effect on me physically & emotionally. Think about it. Have you ever left after a workout session wishing you never worked out? I guess even when feeling a little gloom working out just briefly can lift up your mood. During my recovery I had come to the point where I missed working out so much!!!!

When I was cleared to resume my workout, at first I had to start very light due to the injury. I had to build up my muscles strength, so for that I would warm up for 20 minutes walking then lightly jogging to skipping then jumping (warming up is a huge part for me now before I compete in a match).

As I started to regain my strength, I was able to get back to my normal workout routine, so now I train five times a week. My workout consists of combining weight training, pylometrics and cardio. I like to mix up my training sessions as it keeps my workouts fun plus my body never gets comfortable ….hence I get results.

I swear by it … change up the workouts, keep it fun and even involve a friend or workout buddy if you can. Take a dance class or a bike ride, maybe even working out outside… you won't regret it !!

The next you time you want to skip a workout session ask yourself …."will I feel better afterwards and more energized ???” I promise you will!!!

For any questions or motivation the next time you want to skip a workout, tweet me @mslayel ….. I will get you motivated :)

See you at the Gym !!

- WWE Divas Champion, Layla

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