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Dating At Work!

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Dr J

Ever wonder if you should go for it with someone at work?

Think it'll get complicated??

This FitPerezcious Reader wants to know the same thing!

Here's their question:

There is a guy at work that I really like. We work in different departments but we have gotten to chat quite a bit at different meetings for the office over the last few months. He's super nice, smart and funny. Last week a group of us went out to happy hour and he walked me to my car afterwards and kissed me! I'm totally psyched except everyone always says don't date people you work with and I know what they mean because I dated a guy at my last job and it was really bad after we broke up. Should I give it a shot with this guy and hope it will be different or just pretend the kiss never happened?

Luckily, we have love advice expert Dr. J here to answer!

Here's his response:

Some people have smooched their way to Successful relationships while dating on duty, and others won't even try to get some happiness during after-work happy hour. There is no right or wrong answer. I am not saying go play hide and seek in the supply closet without a second thought, but I am saying be responsible and think of the bigger picture. As super nice, smart and funny this guy may be, if You decide to pursue something, You need to be Super-Smart and Wise beyond words about romance in the work place. Don't take a shot on romance out in public without doing your long-term due diligence. How well do you really know him? How will this affect your career? What will work be like if it doesn't work out? Playing romantic games in the workplace can also be an assault on your ambition. Know where you are going and why. Drive your desire wisely, know when to pick-up the speed, change lanes, go with the flow, and when to exit safely. You have a lot to consider before taking the next step. Delayed gratification is becoming endangered and the benefits can be beyond measure. If you've given it some thought and still haven't lost hope, then I say, allow your instincts and intuition guide you, not your insecurities about the past. Love strikes everywhere and anywhere, regardless of the employment rules and regulations. Dating a co-worker isn't automatically taboo if you've done your homework. Now, be thoughtful about your direction, take the bubble wrap off convention and create the fairytale! And don't forget to enjoy the journey, however this turns out!

Ask the doctor himself @AskDocJ on Twitter! And if U wanna know more about office romance OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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