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Old People Smell… Sweet?

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A new study was released that said people can tell the difference between the smell of an old person and a young person — and apparently old people stink the sweetest!

Researchers asked study participants aged 20-30 to smell a body odor sample from three different age groups.

They were then asked to guess the age of the sample's owner, and rate the intensity and pleasurableness of each sample.

The group was not only able to guess the ages of the donors correctly, they rated the 75–90-year-old group neither intense nor unpleasant.

The most intense body odor was from 45–55-year-old men, while the most pleasurable came from women from that same age group.

So it turns out young folks stink!

We guess that's why there are so many choices for body wash and body spray and cologne and other stink reducing products.

Congrats, old folks! You win this round…

[Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Wikimedia Commons.]

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