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Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Trial Under Way!

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It seems like it's been dragged out forever, but now it's finally under way.

The Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial has begun with the start of jury selection.

Opening statements won't be made until the jury is selected (obviously) so that might not happen until Monday.

The problem is the area the jury will be pulled from is thick with Penn State alumni, employees and football fans.

Over 200 potential jurors have been instructed by the judge and are now being brought in groups of 40 to the next stage of questions and answers.

The jury won't be sequestered, so they won't be spending weeks away from home but the judge is still asking them to keep from reading news accounts or social media about the trial.

Sandusky himself is actually in the courthouse for the jury selection. He was seen laughing at the judge's jokes but put his head down when the judge read the list of charges to the jury.

An attorney not involved in the case said:

"It's going to be a very, very difficult chore to pick a jury in that community."

What's tough to judge is whether any Penn State affiliated jurors would help or hinder Sandusky.

They could either be loyal to Penn State and still have some sort of respect for Sandusky as a defensive coordinator or they could be extremely upset at him for bringing a scandal down on the school they love and marring Joe Paterno's retirement.

We feel like all this man did was bring shame on the school, so any true Penn State fan would be against him.

Prosecutors were actually so concerned, they asked Judge John Cleland to consider bringing in potential jurors from another county.

One of the prosecutors wrote:

"The life of the university and Centre County are inextricably intertwined, both philosophically and economically. To ask members of that community to… insulate themselves from the institution which informs so many aspects of their lives is asking too much."

The judge turned down the request for now, but did say that if they cannot choose a jury in a reasonable amount of time he would reconsider the request.

The whole point of jury selection is to find people who don't already consider him guilty, have no connection to Penn State, maybe even haven't heard of Sandusky and swear that they would give him a fair trial.

We said it before and we'll say it again… Sandusky is facing a real uphill battle.

[Image via AP Images.]

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