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Flesh Eating Bacteria Victim Aimee Copeland Suffering From Phantom Limb

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Aimee Copeland 2

Oh no.

It seems like all that hope Aimee Copeland had been feeling from her huge strides in the past few weeks is being replaced by pain and frustration.

Unfortunately, she's suffering from an extreme amount of pain and phantom limb syndrome — where an amputee's mind still tells them the removed limb is still there.

According to her father, the horrible reality of it seems to be setting in:

"This past week the proverbial poopy hit the fan for Aimee. She was lashing out at her care givers, she was in pain, she was sick to her stomach, she was unable to tend to her own basic needs and she was very unhappy. She had every right to be unhappy."

"Although her condition had improved significantly, her pain has been considerable. Phantom pain now plagues her 'hands.' Although she has no hands, her brain is apparently still telling her body that the hands are there. I asked her if she could describe the pain and she told me, 'It feels like I have been carrying bags of rocks.' She said her 'fingers' feel contorted and twisted. Nothing really helps her pain much. Some of the pain medication makes her sick to her stomach and she winds up vomiting."

That's one of the scariest things we've ever heard — to be in pain because of something that isn't there.

We can only hope this subsides for her, and that she gets well enough to get back to some form of her past life.

You are so strong, Aimee. You can do this, and it's okay to get frustrated along the way!

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