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Sandusky Trial: Penn State's Secret File And The Rape Witness

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We don't know how much more we can take… yet we feel like there's a lot more to come.

The Attroney General recently made it known that several high-ranking Penn State officials might have known more about the sex abuse accusations against Jerry Sandusky than they said before a grand jury.

These guys are in serious shiz.

The former vice president of PSU, Gary Schultz apparently kept a secret file of the abuse allegations.

Penn State's president, Graham Spanier and the vice prez originally had said they didn't go to the cops because it would be the "humane" thing to do to Sandusky.

That's freakin' ridiculous.

A statement from the Attorney General's office said:

"Only recently was the commonwealth provided with a file containing documents relating to incidents involving Sandusky. The file was created, maintained and possessed by Gary Schultz. Documents in that file are inconsistent with statements by Schultz and his co-defendant, (former athletic director Tim) Curley, to the Grand Jury.

Also, the commonwealth has come into possession of computer data (again, subpoenaed long ago but not received from PSU until after the charges had been filed in this case) in the form of e-mails between Schultz, Curley and others that contradict their testimony before the Grand Jury."

Apparently the three men knew about an awful incident that former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary saw.

Mike was at home one night when he decided to go to the football building. He went to the support staff locker room to put away a pair of new sneakers but when he walked in the room, he heard a noise he described as:

"Very much skin-on-skin smacking sound. I immediately became alert and was kind of embarrassed that I was walking in on something."

He said he looked over his shoulder and saw Sandusky "standing behind a boy who was propped up against a wall." He guessed the boys was 10 or 12-years-old.

He said:

"[The] boy's hands [were] up on the wall. The glance would have taken only one or two seconds. I immediately turned back to my locker to make sure I saw what I saw."

Mike then slammed his locker, hard.

"I made the loud noise in an attempt to say 'Someone's here! Break it up!'"

He said he had no idea what to do, he was in such a state of shock. So he called his father for advice, and gave him the vaguest description of what went down.

His father told him to come to his house immediately.

We don't understand why he didn't run over there and stop that monster from raping a child!

Seriously, we're not sure how much more of this we can take.

[Image via AP Images.]

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