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Sandusky Trial: Creepy 'Cuddling' And The Shower Assault

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The parade of accusers continues and there are still more victims to take the stand in the trial against Jerry Sandusky.

Victim 5 took that stand and told how when he was 11, he used to feel uncomfortable in the shower when he could feel Sandusky leering at him.

Sandusky would insist on soaping him down and washing his hair even though the boy tried to squirm away.

Victim 5 said:

"I went to the far end of the shower and stood under the shower head and tried to face the wall as much as I could. I kept looking over my shoulder and I saw that (Sandusky) was standing a few feet away from me and I felt uncomfortable, I felt like he was looking at me."

After that incident, Sandusky severed all ties with the boy.

The victim continued:

"I thought he was upset with me. He didn't talk to me. No eye contact."

There was another witness who couldn't testify because he now has dementia but he used to be a janitor who one time left the shower room visibly shaken and told a colleague:

"I just witnessed something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. That man that just left - Sandusky - I saw him licking on that boy's privates."

We think we're gonna be sick.

Another victim, victim 7, took the stand and said Sandusky "had this habit of putting his hand on my leg and squeezing." Sometimes to the point of pain.

He said to this day he hates the sight of chest hair and is repulsed by it because it reminds him of when Sandusky would "cuddle" with him.

Victim 7 said:

"It felt very uncomfortable to me, but I wasn't sure how to handle it. [I'd] push it to the back of my mind."

This is just getting worse and worse.

And there are more victims to come.

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