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Parents Don't Want Their Babies Vaccinated!

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What?? Why??

Many parents are apparently trying a new vaccination strategy called "shot-limiting" where they only give their kids a few shots in a single doctors visit so they don't have to deal with the pain and trauma of multiple injections.

We guess they'd rather their kids deal with the pain of mumps or smallpox.

Due to this strategy, kids have to constantly go to the doctors and they still end up missing vaccines.

Sure, it's tough to watch a doctor stab your baby 5 or 6 times in one visit but c'mon, does anyone out there even remember getting a single vaccine? (Other than that stupid painful tetanus shot you get every ten years or whatever.)

The study's lead author said:

"It's easy for a baby on this alternative schedule to fall behind and not catch up. And we found that these children fell behind and stayed behind."

So do you want your kid to be protected from only a FEW deadly, awful diseases? Or ALL of them??

Get those vaccinations people!

Your kid won't even remember it yet they'll still thank you the next time they don't get diphtheria.

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