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Get Rockin' Abs, Fellas!

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Courtney Barber

Listen up, fellas! Courtney Barber has a new way of gettin' those abs that EVERYONE wants to see on you!

This week I thought I would do a post for all the guys out there, combining two of my favorite things: 80's glam rock and sculpted abdominals!

If you have seen the new movie "Rock of Ages" over the past week, one thing that definitely stood out was Tom Cruise as the rockstar Stacee Jaxx, particularly the amazing set of abdominals he was sporting throughout the film! Whether you are a Cruise fan or not, it can not denied how sculpted he looked, which is a testament to his dedication while preparing for this film. Cruise (who turns 50 next month) clearly knows how to rock when it comes to his workouts!

A lot of male readers out there have asked me how they can build a defined set of a abdominals, particularly focussing on the obliques and core to create a sculpted, tight midsection.

I have designed a great workout for you to try this week (ladies feel free to do this also). So put on your headband, blast that Def Leppard and get ready to rock those abs!

Rockin' Ab Workout

Side Plank Pulses - 3 x 15 reps
- Lying on your side, rest your left arm and elbow on a bench and stack your feet on top of each other on the floor (your body should be on an incline)
- Place your right arm straight up in the air, fingers pointing to ceiling
- Slowly lower your left hip to the floor, then using your obliques, push your right hip to towards the ceiling
- Continue this movement for 15 reps, then change sides

Cable Wood Chop - 3 x 15 reps
- With the cable at the highest position, connect the standard "U" shape handle
- Standing next to the cable, position your body so that the movement will be in a diagonal across the body (as if you were swinging an axe to chop wood)
- Grasp the handle and glide the your arms in a downward diagonal movement (your hands should pass your opposite thigh), pivoting on your back foot.
- Return to the starting position, making sure that you keep your arms straight and core tight.
- Continue this movement for 15 reps, then change sides

Figure 8 - 3 x 30 reps
- In a seated position, extend your legs out in front of you and lean back slightly (you should feel tension through your abs)
- Holding a medicine ball (or dumbbell) slowly lift your legs off the ground and weave the ball in a figure 8 motion through your legs
- You should be balancing on your glutes and using your ab muscles to hold yourself in position.
- To increase the intensity, lean back further and straighten your legs

Complete this workout twice a week, in conjunction with a clean diet and interval cardio exercise to really see those abs pop!

If you want to mix things up, watch Courtney's FitPerez exclusive ab workout video here!

Courtney is always here to help! Check out her website HERE or facebook HERE and don’t forget to follow her on twitter @CourtneyBFit! And if U wanna know more about abs OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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