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Aimee Copeland To Leave Hospital

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Aimee Rehab

Aimee Copeland, who has beaten all odds against a flesh-eating bacteria, is said to be getting ready to leave the hospital — where they originally said she most likely wouldn't survive.

According to her father, Aimee is soon to be moved to an inpatient clinic where she will begin rehab!

She'll be spending the next several weeks learning to move herself with the aid of a wheelchair.

Her dad said:

"She's real excited about leaving. She just wants a change of venue."

We bet!

She will spend about two months learning to do things like shifting from her bed to her wheelchair.

Then, she will move on to another round of therapy in which she'll learn to use prosthetic limbs!

Crazily, she's also going to be using any and all spare time to work on her master's thesis in psychology — that's dedication. Holy crap! Her goal is to graduate from the University of West Georgia in December!

He continued:

"She is very ambitious with her plan right now. She said, 'You know, I want to have that done and I want to be able to walk in December.' She meant walk across the stage in prosthetic limbs and get her master's degree. I don't know when she's going to find time to work on her thesis. But she's going to work it out."

We do not know many people with that kind of dedication.


Aimee Copeland is something special — and inspiration.

You can do it, Aimee!

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