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Rob Schneider Erroneously Links Autism To Vaccines

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Even though it's been disproven again and again, so many people still believe there is a link between Autism and childhood vaccinations.

Most recently, Rob Schneider spoke out against the government mandating that parents need to obtain a physician's signature in order to prevent their kid from getting vaccinated.

He said:

"It's illegal. You can't make people do procedures that they don't want. The parents have to be the ones who make the decisions for what's best for our kids. It can't be the government saying that. It's against the Nuremberg Laws."

Not only is there no link between Autism and vaccinations, Rob mentioned the Nuremberg Laws.

Those were several anti-Semitic laws created by the Nazis.

He probably meant the UN's Nuremberg Principles, which are about an individual's responsibility to follow government orders.

Either way, he's wrong and he's only helping to spread a misconception that can actually get children killed when parents are so afraid of autism that they will skip life saving vaccinations based on hearsay and myths.

Check your facts!

[Image via Mr. Blue/WENN.]

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