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Sleep Deprivation Makes The Brain MORE Active

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Ever pull an all-nighter?

Things can get weird to say the least.

Apparently it's because the longer you stay awake, the more active your brain becomes!

Seems counterintuitive but researchers found that after hours and hours of being awake, the brain is randomly firing, making connections with other neurons, which ups our brain activity.

Most of these connections don't actually mean or do anything, which explains why its hard to get new info into a tired brain.

What the scientists did was prod human brains with electrical impulses at different lengths of sleep deprivation and measure how much activity the brain responded with.

They've found that this increase in activity is what leads epileptics to be more susceptible to seizures and depressed people to feel better after skipping a night of sleep.

All that extra activity in the brain causes the changes.

So now you know how your mind can be racing right before you try to go to bed!

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