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4th Of July Tips (Part Four)!

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FireWorks Tips 4

#1. Pay Tribute to the Troops. The 4th is a day to celebrate our Country's Independence! Take a moment to say a toast to ALL those who have sacrificed and stood in harm's way to not only create our Freedom but KEEP us FREE!

#2. Be the Fuse for Fun. Family gatherings can be awkward, awe-inspiring, or amusing - or maybe a little of each. Whichever one fits your family, remember the 4th is a time to celebrate wherever you are with whomever you're with. Good food, cold drinks, blazing sun, plenty of time to catch up with family and friends, plus Uncle Sam singing a little Yankee Doodle Dandy - sounds like the party is rolling! Having fun is contagious so spread the energy. Just remember you have ALL day to enjoy it. So, pace yourself and don't fizzle out early like a dud firecracker. The party needs you!

#3. Don't Negate the Nostalgia. Regardless of your age or circumstances, Please Find the Fireworks! They have a powerful way of uplifting us and making us enjoy the moment! You deserve to stop and watch the sky light up. Besides, who doesn't need a little extra spark in their life?

#4. Twist-Up The Tradition. Flashback on the fun but this time change up some of the family traditions and create some new unforgettable memories. Everyone puts an idea in a hat and the youngest person picks one out. Whatever is on the sheet of paper is what the group does. Instead of that expected bike ride down to the park that you've done for the past five years, maybe this time it's a bonfire at the beach, or everyone hopping in the car to drive to a local fireworks display. The possibilities are endless as will be the memories!

Have a safe and joyous July 4th!!

Ask the Dr. J himself @AskDocJ on Twitter! And if U wanna know more about the 4th OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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