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San Francisco Considering Water Bottle Filling Stations In Buildings

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refillable water bottle tap san francisco

This is smart!

San Francisco lawmakers are tossing around the idea of creating a law which requires new and renovated buildings to include a water bottle filling station on top of water fountains.

Supporters hope that the move will encourage citizens to refill reusable bottles instead of opening up a new plastic bottle every time they want high quality H2O.

The bill does have its naysayers though. The Building Owners and Management Association points out that the fill stations would pour out the same water that comes out of a fountain or faucet.

That's true. People can easily refill water bottles at fountains, but still, we think the new tap system (pictured above) is a little more attractive and may sway others to reuse their bottles.

Do U think that the northern California city is making the right move or just adding extra and unnecessary regulations?

[Image via AP Images.]

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