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8 Food Safety Tips

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When it comes to food, you can never be too safe, so we gathered a list of 8 tips to keep you healthy.

Some of these are common sense, others are less so.

To stay safe around food, just:

Separate Raw And Cooked Foods (This is just common sense.)

Cook Picnic Food All The Way (Some people partial cook food so that it'll be quicker on the grill. This could lead to bacteria surviving the initial cooking and multiplying until they can't be killed off a second time!)

Use A Food Thermometer (Don't just guess by how pink the inside is or how black the outside is.)

Stay Clean (Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or bring hand sanitizer. Wash all fruits and veggies and utensils.)

Don't Thaw On The Counter (Bacteria grow quickly at room temp, so thaw in the fridge overnight or do it in the microwave right before cooking.)

Beware The Temperature "Danger Zone" (Cold food should be kept below 40 and hot food should be kept above 140. Anything in-between is a great temperature for bacteria.)

Use Separate Coolers (One for drinks, one for perishables. So the perishables don't warm up a little every time someone goes for a drink.)

Throw Out Leftovers (Perishable food left out at room temperature for two hours or more should be thrown out.)

So use these tips and some common sense and you'll be eating healthy!

(Healthy as in non-infected food. A double bacon cheese burger with guacamole and jalepenos on top is still less than healthy.)

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