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Science Has Found Three New Planets

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The list of places we want to see is just growing and growing — and we don't mean here on Earth.

Space travel will be a reality some day, and if they don't stop finding new planets, we here at SpacePerez.com will never have enough time to see them all.

Science has just discovered THREE more exoplanets (planets not in our solar system).

This is a big find, because we've finally found some planets that orbit in the same direction and plane that we do!

Here's the cool thing: you can't just look at a star with a telescope and see the planets.

You have to either watch the wobble of the sun being pulled around by the gravity or orbiting planets, or you have to detect a small reduction of light as the planet passes past the sun between us.

Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda found a new way, a source says:

"[He] went looking for sunspots on Kepler-30 that were situated parallel to the equator, and when he found one, he waited until the spot was turned toward Earth and closely scrutinized how the star's light output changed. As he hoped, he detected both the dimming of a planet passing in front of the star and the slight reduction of that dimming as it sailed over the sunspot. And then, shortly after, he saw it again. And then again. The unmistakable conclusion: three planets, tidily aligned."

Smarty pants!


So cool — we just can't wait until we can head to Mars!

Science! Science! Science!

[Image via AP Images.]

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