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Bryan Cranston Got Pink Eye From Total Recall

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Bryan Cranston got pink eye while on the set of Total Recall due to dirty water!


There is a fight scene between Bryan and Colin Farrell where they are splashing around in some water.

The crew thought they would make things easier for the cast by heating the water but all it did was make the water a petrie dish for bacteria to grow.

Bryan said:

"We were in this pool of water that was about eight inches deep, splashing around in there and flipping and landing. The people who set that up nicely wanted us to feel more comfortable, so they warmed the water, and the rain that was constantly dropping was warm too. That was very sweet, except for the fact that everybody in the crew had to step in there with their work boots and rain boots. They were coming in and out of this pool of water and we're splashing around… Near the end of the day my eyes were so irritated and I thought it was because of the chlorine they must have put in.

I went in [to the doctor] and asked for eye drops because it felt like sandpaper in my eye, and he said, 'You got pink eye!' I got pink eye in both eyes during that fight and then I had to come back the next day to do the same thing. I had to put in antibiotic drops in my eyes.

The doctor said to me, 'Have you been around children?… because usually pink eye is contracted by children not washing their hands when they go to the bathroom.' Then I'm remembering… It was everybody's boots going in and out. The warm water became like a petrie dish! Bacteria was leaking like flying fish."

That's disgusting!

The worst part is after he knew he had pink eye in BOTH eyes, he had to go back on set and splash around in water all over again!

We're glad he got some medicated eye drops and was able to get through the rest of the shoot.

Pink eye is the worst!

[Image via Josiah True/WENN.]

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