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Prepare Your Food Like A WWE Diva!

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WWE Kaitlyn

Remember the days when you used want to bang your head against the wall trying to explain to your mom that it was only cool to BUY your lunch at school? Well, it turns out mom had it right all along! Not only is it smart, healthy and inexpensive to prepare your food at home and bring it with you, there are some pretty great lunch boxes these days. Personally, I go for the rolling cooler. It's easier in airports and more convenient for my crazy travel schedule. I do, however, enjoy a good Sponge Bob lunch box as well.

Ok seriously. Diet is so important!!! You can workout until you're blue in the face, (not recommended), but if your diet isn't clean and consistent then you're wasting your time at the gym. So why is it better to bring your food as opposed to eating out? For one, you know exactly what you're eating. You know what's in it, how it was prepared and the exact portions. This concept is ideal for someone who is watching their figure, trying to lose weight, or allergic/sensitive to certain foods.

I'm on a "gotta-eat-gotta-eat" meal schedule. I eat small meals every three hours. Eating so frequently is great for a speedy metabolism. It also means I turn into she-HULK if I miss a meal. KAITLYN SMASH! Not to worry. I have my trusty cooler and prepared meals with me at all times. I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. Yes, there are places that offer healthy options such as Whole Foods. I'm obsessed with that place, but that's a Whole 'nother story. Haha, see what I did there? Anyways, sometimes you're stuck in a meeting, on an airplane or on a submarine (less than likely), and there's not many options. Either starve or eat sloppy joes. No thank you. I had my share of lunch lady Dorris' sloppy joes in middle school. They're great at the moment of consumption but somewhere down the line, it's not just the Joe that begins to look sloppy. Take it from me, my business attire consists of spandex. There's no room for sloppiness. Does anyone actually know what's in sloppy joes anyway? Mystery meat? Bologna? Turkey knees? Wait, do turkeys have knees? That brings me to my next point. Sometimes there's no way of telling what's in or on food at restaurants. Even if you're just ordering chicken breast and veggies, it can potentially have butter, oil, a ton of preservatives and possibly other stuff you don't even know about.

Staying fit and eating healthy is my number one reason for packing my food. However, it's great for my wallet too. I don't spend a fortune on eating out every meal. A quick run to the local grocery store and an hour or two of food prep is all you need. This leaves a bigger allowance for my addiction to purchasing hilarious gas station novelties and a bigger budget for my fanny pack collection (you can also stash snacks in your fanny pack).

So what have we learned? Preparing your meals and bringing your food with you will help you reach your fitness goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and save you money in the long run. We've also learned that carrying a cooler or lunch box is not only stylish but incredibly efficient. Lastly, fanny packs are back. Boom.

- WWE Diva, Kaitlyn

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