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Drug Users More Likely To Die Within First Month After Leaving Hospital

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A new report has found that there are elevated death rates among drug addicts recently discharged from care.

The rates of suicides and overdose deaths were over ten times higher for those drug users who had just checked out of a hospital.

The rates were highest among those who had been out of the hospital less than a month, compared to those who had been out for over a year.

We guess the first month back must be the hardest.

If you have a troubled friend or family member, at least this study shows that you should really be supporting them the most in their first few weeks after leaving the hospital.

The report said:

"Like prison-release, hospital discharge marks the start of a well-defined period of heightened vulnerability for drug-treatment clients."

The study is pretty comphrenisve, looking at almost 70,000 people who were treated for some type of substance abuse.

In the first 28 days after being discharged researchers found there were 21 drug-related deaths per 1,000 people per year. Those who were out the hospital for over a year died at a rate of 4.2 in 1,000.

They were five times more likely to die in their first month compared to people who were out a whole year.

Again, it's all about support and surrounding yourself with the right people.

If you're struggling with a drug problem, go get help, everyone deserves to live a healthy, clean life.

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