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Diet Friendly Foods That Aren't So Diet Friendly

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diet friendly food liars

One of the biggest evils in this world (you know, past all the violence and hatred) is that food companies continue to think they can market things as being healthy or healthier when knowing full-well that isn't the case!

Well, luckily, people are on the lookout.

Here are six "diet-friendly" foods that aren't:


"Chocolate syrup is fat-free naturally. It needs the addition of a fat like cocoa butter or heavy cream, in which case it becomes fudge sauce."

That's right. Fat free chocolate syrup has the same ingredients as the kind without the extra label!


The calories nearly the same as the regular kind due to added sugars, plus the fat it contains is the healthy monounsaturated type that helps you.


Wait, what??

Well, it all comes down to moderation: bingeing is bingeing, whether it's a bag of potato chips or a whole head of broccoli—and will just perpetuate the cycle of emotional eating.


Yeah, chewing sugar-free gum isn't going to stop cravings. It actually heightens it — the chewing sends signals to your tummy to start producing enzymes for the food you aren't breaking down. This can lead to acid reflux, too!


Sugar-free doesn't mean calorie-free. If something is taken out of a food, it has to be replaced with something… mainly artificial sweeteners. And we know how THOSE work.


Just because it tastes good and isn't chock full of calories doesn't mean it's good for you in the long run!

The vegetables in your salad are only temporarily filling because they're so low in calories, and the addition of a healthy fat-based dressing (made with olive or canola oil) will keep hunger at bay, increase good cholesterol, and help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, and K.



Moderation is key — never forget that!

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