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Get Your Sleep ON By Turning The Lights OFF

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A wise man once said:

Turn Your Lights Down Low.

He must've been talking about getting some good good sleeping.

The proper amount of sleep is essential in avoiding depression, and keeping your sex drive healthy.

And who doesn't want that??

If you do want that then stop reading right now.

Here are some tips to sleep better:

1. Neutralize the noise! Get a white noise generator to keep any unwanted sounds from bothering you during your sleep. Or try earplugs.

2. Make a safe room. If you find it impossible to sleep peacefully in your bedroom then find another room that will allow you some soothing zzzz's.

3. Get some dark shades. Get curtains to block out the sun or the neon lights from the strip club across the street.

And finally, number 4. Turn off ALL the lights in your bedroom including the light from the computer, television, smartphone, and throw a blanket over your alarm clock to keep the glare out of your snoozing air.

Got it? Great!!!


Bright lights equals shitty sleeping.

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