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For-Profit Food Inspectors Allowing Toxic Food??

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This is SO scary, and we don't know how these privatized food inspectors can live with themselves: there is a growing number of severe failures in oversight in food inspection, causing millions of Americans to fall sick… all for money.

The problem is that the food industry has taken over much of the FDA’s role in ensuring that what Americans eat is safe — for instance, in 2011, the FDA inspected ONLY 6 percent of domestic food producers and just 0.4 percent of importers!

The food industry is hiring for-profit companies who aren’t required by law to meet any federal standards and have no government supervision.

One of these companies gave an amazing review of a company responsible for:

“tainted food that sickened 2,936 people and killed 43 in 50 states… A Colorado melon farm was audited by a for-profit inspection company in 2011 with top safety ratings, just before its fruit was causing the deadliest outbreak of foodborne disease in the U.S. in nearly 100 years.”

These for-profit auditors have failed to test for bacteria in five food-caused outbreaks in the past six years.

So who is going to step up?

The FDA is trying, but is being c-blocked by food industry lobbyists. Plus that means that they would need to quadruple their $1 billion annual budget for food safety to even conduct these inspections.

Where are the morals in companies like this??

It's such a shame that people think this is okay and can still sleep soundly at night!

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