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Sex Therapists: Should You Be Seeing One?

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At what point does a sexual problem you've been having become a large enough issue that you should be seeing a sex therapist?

That's such a subjective question, and it's seriously up to you to decide, but here are some reasons why maybe you should be seeing someone — like a recent study published in Cancer finding that sex therapy helped erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer survivors!

Those men who saw a sex therapist for 12 weeks — either online or in-person — reported significant gains in sexual function and satisfaction… and the benefits were still seen a year later!

The good news is that seeing this kind of therapist isn't just for men who have gone through prostate cancer! In fact, it's a great resource for guys who suffer from low desire, painful sex, problems achieving or maintaining an erection or an issue with a partner.

So fellas, here are some reasons maybe to talk to someone:

The problem persists

Sure, every guy has a hard time getting it up after a long night at the bar. But if ejaculation or erection problems persist for 2 weeks, there could be a deeper issue, like stress or fear that you’re not normal.

It’s contributing to problems in the relationship

If your sexual troubles are causing arguments with the Mrs., it’s time for some third party intervention. Stress that stems from sex (or lack thereof) can make you edgy, which means more fights about bills, kids, and cleaning. The therapist can help you identify areas in your relationship that may be causing the rough patch and give you pointers for how to work through it.

You feel guilty or ashamed

With the media hype surrounding porn and sex addictions, you might start to question your own sexual habits. Chances are you aren’t suffering from an addiction, but if you’re feeling guilty about anything you’re doing or feeling, talking to a professional might help you sort out why.

Sex is painful

Stress in the bedroom can be a result of painful sex, usually caused by medication or other health problems. Therapists can offer advice on what positions will be the most comfortable or beneficial for you and your partner based on body size and situation. They can also offer information and advice about relaxation techniques.

The good news is, if things have been a little slowly, that could be normal. Most couples go through dry-spells. If it lasts for more than a few months, though, there might be an issue. A therapist can help!

Either way, because sex is still a taboo topic in public, talking about it in a confidential environment might help you a WHOLE lot!

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