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Deadliest Elderly Couple Ever Defeats Home Invader With Ease!

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elderly couple home invader black belts fight off

Let's paint this beautiful picture for you:

A muscular man, in his thirties, has allegedly been terrorizing neighborhoods in Kenmore. He's a vicious burglar, ruthless in every sense. Edwin Dowdy, 83, and his wife Jutta, 76, were his next targets, and have lived in Kenmore since 1966.

They both have black belts in the Japanese art of Aikido, and when they realized there was an intruder, Mr. Dowdy grabbed a knife he kept for security and went to confront the burglar and warn him he was armed.


The intruder, like a giant idiot and fool, decided to ignore the warnings and tried to push past Dowdy, running on to the blade. He began to bleed heavily because a knife just stabbed his stomach, snatched two handbags, and jumped from the balcony.

You'd think it would end there — but it doesn't. The Dowdy's gave chase, and the intruder tried to steal a car. He failed miserably and then fled on foot. The police are now looking for him, warning people of a man that needs urgent medical attention and would have an injury to his lower front or side torso.

We're not sure why they're not just following the blood trail…

The moral of this story is that the elderly can be super rad, but you just never know which ones are bad to the weakening bone!

Also, don't be a burglar because sometimes even an old guy can stop you. LOLz!

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