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Ray Allen's Mom Still Loves The Celtics Despite Their Hatred For Her Son

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Ray Allen, who dumped the Celtics in a public display of brutality, isn't Boston's favorite thing at the moment. You could say that they… well… hate him.

So that makes us wonder — at what point do you disown the Celtics if you don't do it when they start hating your son? According to Ray's mom… not yet?

Ray's previous teammates Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are extremely upset that Allen joined the Heat. Now they understand how all of Cleveland feels.

Both teams are set to face off tonight in Miami, so Allen's mom Flo had this to say:

"I love the guys. They’ve been in our home. They’ve been in Ray's home.  If they came to my home tomorrow, if they wanted me to cook for them, I would because they are all our sons."

She'll be cheering for the Heat, though, as a mother with a son on the Heat should do.

She continued:

"I know the man I raised. Ray went to battle with those guys and they truly love each other … When it's all said and done and over they’ll still be friends."

Moms, right?


We're glad someone is staying civil through this — though it IS pretty messed up that Allen pulled a LeBron. What is it about the Heat that brings the worst out of people??


[Image via AP Images.]

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