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Diet And Exercise Mistakes Might Be Aging You!

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Are you dieting and exercising COMPLETELY WRONG?

We hope not! If you are, your mistakes might be aging you much more rapidly than you think.

Don't fear, though, because that's why we're here. Let us drop some knowledge bombs on you about what you could be doing differently so you don't look like a decrepit old fool by the time you're 40.

Check this list and see what you're doing wrong:

You Overdo Dessert

The breakdown of sugars, called glycation, damages the collagen that keeps skin smooth and firm. To prevent this natural process from careening out of control, stick to low-glycemic carbs like whole grains; they're naturally low in sugar, and the body processes them slowly to limit the loss of collagen. If you want to sweeten up your tea or oatmeal without making your skin look older, try all-natural stevia. It's an easily digested herbal sweetener that doesn't trigger glycation.

You Spin Away Stress

Taking your work angst out on the bike or treadmill might make you feel better for a little while, but incorporating yoga into your fitness routine regularly may help you look younger and prevent breakouts while whittling away stress. Sounds like a winning workout to us! "Yoga moves like Child's Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and Sun Salutations improve circulation—the boost of oxygen is what gives skin that lovely yoga glow." New research finds regular yoga practice may reduce the inflammation and stress that speed skin aging.

If you need another reason to om away your stress: High levels of tension can spike hormone production that leads to breakouts or aggravates conditions like psoriasis.

You Always Choose Coffee Over Tea

Research suggests that green and black tea contain protective compounds—like EGCG and theaflavins—that help prevent skin cancers and the breakdown of collagen, the cause of wrinkles.

You Walk Past the Weights

Following a regular strength-training routine that creates better, more supportive muscle tone will help you firm sagging skin from the neck down.

Your Meat and Dairy Aren't Organic

Hormones in traditionally produced dairy, poultry, and meat may contribute to acne. Patients who eat those less frequently—or at least choose grain-fed beef and poultry and organic dairy—often notice their skin looks better.

Now you have the tools to live forever!!

Or at least look your correct age — whatever!

LOLz! Good luck!

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