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Jenny Craig's Healthy Holiday Tips!

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Ever wonder why you pack on the pounds during the holiday? Want to keep lookin' like a sexy santa?

Well, it isn't JUST because of the delicious food — it's actually a myriad of reasons! Jenny Craig did a survey and figured that shizz out FAST!

According to Fitness Magazine and Jenny Craig, here are the suspects:

- An increased number of social events
- The allure of holiday comfort food
- Increased stress and decreased activity

Of course, moderation is always ALWAYS key. That being said, you might need a little more help than that. Don't worry, we've got you!

Here's what you can do to combat it all:

Fill your plate with healthy fruits and veggies:

Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is all about moderation, not deprivation. Eat an apple or drinking a hot cup of chicken broth before heading to a social gathering. You will be less hungry and more prone to choose healthier options such as shrimp cocktail, crudité and fruit skewers, which you can eat in abundance.

Eat one treat:

Choose one “splurge” on the entire buffet table to eat and then choose healthier options for the remainder of your plate. This way, you still feel like you can participate in the festivities, without the consequences later. A splurge, for example, would be a small slice of cheesecake, a chocolate truffle or a glass of wine or champagne.

Have a game plan in advance:

Having a game plan before you go to a dinner or holiday party can make all the difference. Jenny Craig offers consultants who can help plan out your meals or adjust your activity levels, so that you can enjoy your celebrations and avoid having to think on your feet about what you’re going to eat.

Sneak in a workout without even feeling it:

During the holidays, it can be easy to lose motivation to stay active, especially during the winter months. Since physical activity is so important to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, stay inspired by trying a new class, taking a walk at lunch with friends or even doing some laps around the office to burn a few extra calories around the holidays. This is of course, in addition to regular, moderate exercise two to three times per week.

Yes, you can drink alcohol and lose weight:

Most traditional cocktails average more than 250 calories, so look for lower-calorie options. A wine spritzer is approximately 60 calories. Or, opt for celebratory champagne; an average flute is about 80-100 calories. Also, remember to hydrate yourself – you can still feel festive by enjoying a sparkling water with cranberry.

Be the friend you want to have!:

Before you head over to a holiday party, call the host to see if they want you to bring over a healthy option, such as a hummus and veggie platter. That way, you know you will be able to fill your plate with something tasty without loading up on the calories and will help your friends do the same.

Fab solutions, if we do say! Plus, they're all super easy — so no worries there!

This is gonna be the best holiday yet!

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