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Major League Baseball Introducing More Intense Drug Testing

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Major League Baseball has some of the most intensive drug testing in the world of professional sports.

And it's about to get even more intense.

Starting in 2013, the MLB is going to test each player by drawing all of their blood and holding it overnight. If they die, they're juicing up.

JK! LOLz! We totally had you going.

What they're actually doing is starting in-season testing for human growth hormone (HGH).

If a player tests positive for HGH they'll be suspended for 50 games.

If they test positive a second time, they're out for 100 games!

Third time? Well it is baseball, so… they're outta there!!

We won't be surprised to hear about a couple of big name players being benched for 50-games.

Just stay clean! Cheaters never prosper!

[Image via Tage Olsin/Wikimedia Commons.]

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