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Lance Armstrong SUED By Furious Book Readers!!

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If you read Lance Armstrong's books and were inspired by the true-story accounts, we bet you're feeling pretty foolish right now. He lied, and those books should totally be moved to the fiction section of the library!

The question is, though… are you feeling like such a fool that you're willing to SUE him over it??

These two men are! They filed a class action lawsuit against Lance!!

Though, we don't know what's worse — feeling like a fool, or admitting you're one by filing a lame lawsuit. LOLz!!

According to what was filed, the two books, It's Not About the Bike and Every Second Counts:

"would not have purchased the books had they known the true facts concerning Armstrong's misconduct and his admitted involvement in a sports doping scandal."

So what, you're out a few bucks? You're going to tie up the legal system over this?? Give us a break!

We're not sure you could even accuse the publishers of fraud and false advertising, as nobody knew that Lance was lying other than his teammates and almost certainly Sheryl Crow!

Seems a like a big waste of time to us! Boooooo! Quit trying to capitalize on a situation just because of how scandalous it is!

Oh, and if you haven't seen our extensive coverage of Lance's confessions…

CLICK HERE to see Lance finally admit to doping!!

CLICK HERE to see Lance reveal details of the scheme!!

CLICK HERE to see Lance make NO EXCUSES for his behavior, and explain why he started cheating in the first place!!

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