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Lisa Lampanelli Responds To Comments About Her Addiction To Food!

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Lisa Lampanelli has been struggling with food addiction for 32 years now, and even though she knows she has a serious issue and likes to joke about it on account of being a comedian — she does not take negative comments lightly.

The insult comic wrote about her issue with men and food last week on xoJane, and despite the fact that she thought she was making a breakthrough, people just started hatin' on her like CRAZY!

And now, to clear up what the heck she really meant, she responded to her reader's comments:

"The story I wrote for xoJane was a snapshot of a moment in time a few years ago when I was in the midst of trying anything and everything to get my weight and food issues under control. I wrote it as a way of showing the lengths I went to in order to work on this issue and just one of the many things I did, including extreme dieting and exercise, plus every ridiculous measure imaginable, to erase this issue from my life.

It occurred long before my husband and I were told by our doctor last year, 'How many 70-year-olds do you see at your weight?' — implying that we wouldn't be around to see that age unless we did something about our food addiction.

I assumed that people have seen me talking about the surgery for so many months now that they would know that this piece was just an event that eventually led to it.

Now that that's straightened out, two more things. When I appeared on Dr. Oz, he told the audience that bariatric surgery is the most underutilized surgery in the country. He approves of it in the right instances, and I am proud to have talked about it on his show, among others.

Last week on Wendy Williams, Wendy said that some people feel that by having surgery, we cheated. Well, if we cheated anything, the only thing we cheated is death. I'd rather be alive and truthful about this, than dead or living in shame about something that could save my life.

One last thing: As was hammered home with me today AGAIN, bariatric surgery is just a beginning. It's a do-over. The reason most people overeat — or engage in any other addictive behavior — is because of emotions (thanks Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew, and Oprah for hammering that home).

So, on that plane ride between reading the comments and writing this, what did I do? Searched for anything and everything I could stuff in my stomach — even the now-smaller version due to surgery — and ate out of emotion.

Sure, it's not a lot at this point, however, it just shows that this is an issue that has not even begun to end for me. I have to continue to notice when I feel compelled to overeat, and I need to recognize what I'm really hungry for that ISN'T food.

So, the process continues to end the emotional eating once and for all. I've now decided to head to a workshop about emotional eating in May so that no matter what I feel I don't try to solve it with food.

Wish me luck — and, hey, if you're lucky, I may write another piece on that place, too!"

Tell 'em guuurl!

Hopefully going into detail about what she was talking about in her first post will make sense now, but if it doesn't, then whatevs.

We're sure Lisa is doing her thang for her and not for anyone else!!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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