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Alcohol Makes You Sleep WORSE, Not Better!

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If you think you need a nightcap to get yourself a night's rest, you're completely wrong.

Don't argue! It's SCIENCE, MOFO! LOLz!

Basically, it's disrupting your sleep, making sure you don't have a restful night. Here's what the science folks had to say:

"In sum, alcohol on the whole is not useful for improving a whole night's sleep. Sleep may be deeper to start with, but then becomes disrupted. Additionally, that deeper sleep will probably promote snoring and poorer breathing. So, one shouldn't expect better sleep with alcohol."

If you don't know how sleep works, it basically goes like this: there are two parts that cycle — non-REM sleep, and REM sleep — back and forth. It takes 90 minutes to complete a cycle, and continues on through the night. Booze makes you spend way more time in late non-REM than you should, which are considered "slow-wave sleep," or "deep sleep."

This disrupts the rest of your sleeping!

Another researcher followed this up:

"This effect on the first half of sleep may be partly the reason some people with insomnia use alcohol as a sleep aid. However, the effect of consolidating sleep in the first half of the night is offset by having more disrupted sleep in the second half of the night."

In other words, guys — stop boozing to get to sleep!

Find alternative methods, or be healthier and more active during the day! You NEED your sleep!

[Image via AP Images.]

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