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Baltimore Ravens Player Wants To Draft Manti Te'o

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adrian hamilton

Adrian Hamilton is a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.

A paparazzo recently caught up with him and asked for his two cents on the whole Manti Te'o scandal.

The back and forth went a little like this:

"Paparazzo: Would you want [Manti] on your team?

Adrian Hamilton: Is he a good linebacker?

Pap: Yes

Adrian: Then why wouldn't we want him?"

No matter how confusing this whole Manti situation is, that's exactly how people should be feeling.

It doesn't matter what his sexual preferences are, or what kind of weird rumors are surrounding him.

The pap asked Adrian how he felt about the whole scandal and he responded:

"That's off the field, what he do on the field is what counts."

Exactly! Although we're really interested to know what really went on, his personal life shouldn't have anything to do with his on the field skillz.

Unless there's some weird illegal stuff going on in his personal life.

Either way, Adrian Hamilton is a stand-up guy!

[Image via AP Images.]

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