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Jennifer Lawrence Starved Herself Into Malnourishment!

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jennifer lawrence is starving herself and has become malnourished

Why, Jennifer Lawrence, WHY?!?

The Hunger Games actress has been working her butt off to support her latest movie, Silver Linings Playbook, and with awards season in full effect, she has been forgetting to eat, and has become malnourished.

A close friend of Jennifer's divulged:

“Jennifer’s not had a moment to think this year, with all the awards ceremonies she’s attended and filming The Hunger Games at the same time. She’s under a lot of pressure, and with all the strain Jennifer’s been putting her body under it was no surprise she caught pneumonia. The physically demanding action scenes she’s doing, as well as the pressure of staying slim and looking good on the red carpet, was all too much for her to juggle and she just ran out of steam. She wasn’t eating enough food before taking part in the stunts and as a result became malnourished."

We understand that fitting into couture is quite a challenge, but come on gurl, that doesn't mean DON'T EAT!

Hopefully Miz Lawrence gets back on track with feeding herself because we wouldn't want her fainting in her fancy digs at any of the upcoming award shows.

Plus, it wouldn't hurt if she put a little meat on her! We like our women with some junk in the trunk. LOLz

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence Starved Herself Into Malnourishment!”

  1. rachelle says – reply to this


    that doesnt really sound like jennifer lawrence, from what ive seen in interview she doesnt seem like the kind to not eat, in fact she seems like she loves food :P i think its bs….

  2. Devlin4 says – reply to this


    Oh, c'mon!….this is baloney. Take a look at Jennifer Lawrence in that Pucci dresd, her figure looks as curvy as ever…gorgeous. Half of Hollywood has the flu/pnuemonia so this is bogus. Just stop.

  3. 3

    Rubbish! She's always said she's willing to work-out but not diet, she loves food too much. Also, her hair has to be DYED BROWN to play Katniss. She filmed over the summer/fall period and is now blonde again, she's not simultaneously juggling acting AND award ceremonies. She got sick during the cold/flu season like anyone would. She's a busy AND healthy girl, what a terrible story!

  4. Seriously? says – reply to this


    So fake. Jennifer has said numerous times how much she can't stand women that do that not that I know her but from what she says and acts, she wouldn't do that to her body she's the opposite of a typical hollywood actress and apparently Perez doesn't want her to be different.

  5. Lauren says – reply to this


    Yeah i heard Meryl Streep got the flu the same way…

  6. 6

    Fame can kill.

  7. 7

    FAKE STORY !!!!

  8. 8

    I love her, I hope she stays real.

  9. david says – reply to this


    JENNIFER LAWRENCE looks like a delectable ice cream cone dipped in glowing ambrosia-her face glows like a honeydew. A goddess doesn’need to eat much food-that’s why she’s a GODDESS…

  10. lizziebob says – reply to this


    Those silly one of a kind dresses from those pompus designers don't come in a size larger than a size 3, that's why she would have to starve. Merril Streep(when she was just starting to do well in the buisness) has a story of a designer grabbing a garbage bag cutting three holes in it and yelling ,you can wear this, come back for a fitting when you have lost 10 pounds. She was an average weight and had just had a kid, The dude had no mercy. I believe she went then and got a dress off the rack.

  11. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Yeah I'd like to know who this "friend" is. Sounds like someone trying to ruin her image to me. She's done so much work trying to encourage teenagers not to starve themselves. Not that I don't think celebrities can be hypocrite, but not her. I call bullshit. I question the credibility of many of your sources.

  12. Lona says – reply to this


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