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Delicious Super Bowl Menu For Eight!

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Who's ready for some football?!!

Not you?! Oh no! What's wrong??

You're having guests over but don't know what to serve?? Well never fear! Lisa DeFazio is here!

Super Bowl Menu (serves 8):

- Diablo Avocado Dip
- Baked corn and and potato chips
- Imitation crab dip
- Variety of crackers
- Marinated white pinto bean salad
- Baked Garlic Chicken Wings and Drumettes
- Frozen Cherry Yogurt Pie
- Exotic Super Bowl Bubbly Punch

Avocado Diablo Dip

Ingredients: 5-6 large ripe avocados; 2-3 ripe limes; 2 Serrano Chile; Three vine ripened tomatoes; ½ bunch rinsed cilantro; 1 red onion; Salt to taste

Preparation: Mash and mix peeled ripe avocados with juice of limes, 2 diced Serrano Chiles (with seeds removed), diced tomatoes, finely chopped cilantro, I diced red onion and salt to taste. Chill before serving with dip chips. * Be sure to wash your hands after handling Chiles, because they can irritate your eyes.

Imitation Crab Dip

Ingredients: 1 lb of (un-rinsed) Imitation crab, 4 green onions, 8” celery stalks, ½ cup of
Low- fat Mayo

Preparation: Dice crab into small chunks. Mix with diced green onions and chopped celery. Blend in mayo for smooth consistency. Serve chilled and serve with crackers or chips to scoop crab dip with.

Marinated White Pinto Beans

Ingredients: 3 large cans or 6 small cans of white pinto beans; ¾ cup canola oil ; 1/4th cup fresh lemon juice; 1 leek; salt; black pepper; garlic powder

Preparation: Drain pinto beans, saving the juice of one can. Add beans and juice from one can to large serving bowl; mix in canola oil, lemon juice, 1 cup diced leeks, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Tweak lemon juice and spices for desired taste. Serve as a chilled, ice cold “soupy” salad.

Baked Garlic Chicken Wings or Drumettes

Ingredients: Approximately 48 chicken wings or Drumettes, a box of shake and bake crispy mix, 6 tbs paprika, garlic salt, 1 bottle Barbecue Sauce, 1 bottle Buffalo Wing Sauce, 1 bottle Honey Mustard Sauce, 1 bottle Marinara sauce

Preparation: Rinse chicken wings or drumettes and let them sit until they are room temperature. Mix Paprika with shake and bake mix in a large ziploc bag or the plastic bag in the shake and bake box. Toss 6-8 moist wings or drummettes at a time in a large zip lock bag and shake bag until chicken is coated. Bake on foil lined cookie baking sheet at 400 F for about 30-45 minutes until golden brown. Turn over when half done. Lightly sprinkle cooked wings with garlic salt. Serve right out of the oven with dipping sauces on the side such as Barbecue, Buffalo, Honey Mustard and warm Marinara.

Frozen Cherry Yogurt Pie

Ingredients: 1readymade graham cracker crust; 2 (8 oz) containers of low-fat cherry yogurt mixed (not with fruit at bottom); 1 (8 oz) frozen cool whip; 1 (8 oz) jar Maraschino cherries

Preparation: In a large bowl, mix Cool Whip, yogurt and half the jar of diced cherries. Pour mixture into graham cracker crust. Add additional cherries (whole) on top of pie. Cover with the plastic top from the graham cracker crust and place in freezer for at least 2 to 3 hours until frozen. Thaw slightly before serving.

Exotic Super Bowl Punch

Ingredients: 1 (32 oz) can of pineapple juice, 1 (32 oz.) bottle of cranberry juice; 2 (12 oz ) cans of 7 UP , 1 (8 oz) bottle of cream of coconut called Coco Lopez or Coco Real in the cocktail section.

Preparation: Mix chilled pineapple juice, cranberry juice and cream of coconut in a large punch bowl. Add ice and bubbly 7 UP when guests arrive. Add 2-3+ cups light or dark rum optional.

Now, let the game begin!

- Lisa DeFazio’s a leading nutrition expert and a Master’s degree level Registered Dietitian, so be sure to check out her website, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter for more tips and videos — and if U wanna know more about veggies OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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