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David Letterman Asks Joe Flacco For Theories On The Super Bowl Blackout!

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Joe Flacco, as quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, earned his MVP title during this most recent Super Bowl! He overcame adversity to get there, too — like having an alleged murderer on his team, and of course the massive blackout right after half time!

Being MVP means a lot of things, though, that the other teammates don't get to do — like ride in a Corvette in a parade at Disney, then flying to NYC to be on Letterman!

Once there, Letterman got to business and asked about the blackout, and how suspicious it was:

Letterman: “When the lights go out, its 28-6, it’s just out of halftime and bang, zoom, we’re 28-6, the lights go out. You don’t find that suspicious?”

Flacco: “Believe me, don’t get me started. My dad is a big conspiracy theorist, so, you know, that’s the last thing we need to talk about.”

Letterman: "When the lights went out, did you find that unnerving? I found that unnerving [and] I wasn’t anywhere near Louisiana.”

Flacco: “I just thought it was a little strange, it was kind of funny. I mean, some of our guys had a good time with it … we didn’t play too well afterwards.”

What we thought was funny is that CBS totally had someone build a little clock on the fly just to tell the world how much time had passed since the lights went out!

Whoever got that up so fast should get a raise, LOLz!!

Either way, the lights going out didn't matter in the end. It looked like for a little bit that it might — the 49ers came back with a vengeance — but the Ravens still took the title! To that, we say CONGRATS, Joe!!

Watch part of the interview (above) to find out more about Joe's signing plans!!

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