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Weed Might Increase Risk Of Stroke For Young People!!

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The jury's still out, but according to a new study, smoking weed while you're young might increase your risk of having a stroke.

Obvs, that's not ideal for people who are just looking to kick back and relax with a giant blunt! LOLz!

Like we said, though — this is preliminary research.

They took 160 stroke sufferers and took a look at their pee. They were all between 18 and 55, and found that the results showed that those who had strokes were more likely to have weed in their system. Honestly, it sounds like kind of a stretch to blame it on the pot at this point, but let's entertain them further with a statement by the most buzzkillington researcher ever:

"Cannabis has been thought by the public to be a relatively safe, although illegal substance. This study shows this might not be the case; it may lead to stroke."

Key words: might, may.

Specifically, they found that 16 percent of the subjects who went to the hospital following a stroke episode had marijuana in their system, compared to 8.1 percent of control subjects. The catch? All but one of the stroke patients who had marijuana in their urine also used tobacco.

And yet the researcher still believes the marijuana is the reason!

Listen, we're all for finding out if weed causes strokes — but we're not all for potentially brining panic based on a small study like this, especially when the researcher talks in sensational ways while using non-specific words like "might" and "may." Plus, the whole thing about all of the marijuana users that had strokes except one also used tobacco! AND who calls "young people" 18-55??

Just seems very little to go public with to us, and we don't want positive and newbie laws to be negatively effected by this kind of stuff without even getting to prove themselves. It honestly feels like there's a separate agenda!

To us, that's WACK! LOLz!

[Image via AP Images.]

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One comment to “Weed Might Increase Risk Of Stroke For Young People!!”

  1. lissa1518 says – reply to this


    You need to identify the "researchers" you are saying have "researched" this. Whats the percentage of the population smokes weed in the country? simplest reason for all those people having weed in their systems is because LOTS OF PEOPLE SMOKE WEED. Funny how this "study" comes out after washington and colorado. Guaranteed these "researchers" are linked back to the feds.