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Eat Your Way To Better SEX!!!

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foods good for sex

Did you know what you eat can seriously affect how awesome your sex is?!

What's a good rule to live by? What's good for your heart is also good for your sex!

And good sex is good for everyone ever! (As long as they're consenting and of the legal age!)

So, you wanna start eating so you can pork better??

Then make sure to eat plenty of these:

- Spinach and Other Green Vegetables
- Unsweetened Tea
- Peaches and Other Fruit
- Eggs
- Red Wine and Meat
- Seeds and Nuts
- Beans and Extra Protein
- Fatty Fish
- Oatmeal and Other Whole Grains
- Oysters and Other Shellfish
- Dark Chocolate
- Strawberries and Other Berries

Got that? Just eat those and you'll be doing the horizontal hustle like a pro!

Some of those (like Oysters) you may have already heard are supposedly aphrodisiacs.

Regardless, they're all healthy, in moderation, and good for your heart!

So even if you're not taking someone special to pound town then maybe just consider adding some more fatty fish and whole grains to your diet anyway!

For your health! And your genitals!

[Image via FoeNyx/Wikimedia Commons.]

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    Why do the two in this photo both look like minors?