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Faith Hill's 115 Pound Body Is NOT Healthy!

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faith hills 115 pound body is not healthy

Celebs tend to slim down a lot during award season, but Faith Hill took her trimming to a whole other level for the Grammys!

The country singer lost so much weight that she managed to get down to 115 pounds, but nutrition experts are saying that's not healthy.

They said:

Dr. Fred Pescatore noted:

“Her neck is extremely gaunt and her clavicles, they are ripping that bodice. It is certainly very aging on her and is an unhealthy weight."

Dr. Majid Ali said:

“Her color and general look is good, but she should not go lower.”

NutriFit CEO Jackie Keller divulged:

“Little black dresses have a way of further slimming a person who is already tall and very slender. The dress she’s wearing may be purposely looser than it needs be, as is often done when someone is trying to look more full-figured, rather than thinner.”

We have no idea why Faith lost soooo much weight, but even though we will always think she looks stunning, we do like her a little fuller.

There's nothing wrong with curves guurl! You should rock 'em and never be ashamed of 'em.

Cuz at the end of the day, having junk in the trunk definitely makes dresses look better!!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Faith Hill's 115 Pound Body Is NOT Healthy!”

  1. Paul says – reply to this


    In the industry, Faith Hill was a well known cocaine addict. Hopefully this is not true again, but it appears that way.

  2. 2

    Since I started with my online business I earn $62 every 15 minutes. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don't check it out.

  3. 3

    I dont think she looks too thin. As long as she is healthy inside (which I hope she is). Hopefully that cocaine rumor is not true. She has beautiful children to take care of. Of course if she croaks, I'll take care of tim!! Lol

  4. 4

    I thought something looked different about her at the Grammys then I realized she had lost weight but something looked wrong with her teeth & mouth. She is still beautiful but I hope she is healthy.

  5. jenn says – reply to this


    So it's okay to be heavy (which is unhealthy) but not to be thin? Makes total sense.

  6. JayeT says – reply to this


    Faith is a tall woman at 5 ft 9 inches.

    115 lbs at a 5'9” height is definitely thin.

    She wore a low-cut dress to a Grammy event honoring Bruce Springsteen, and Faith's chest bones could be seen sticking out. She's bony flat and has no breasts. Not good.

  7. 7

    I don't think she looks too thin. And she had braces on which is why her mouth looked funny- they were the clear ones. This picture, is just a horrible picture of her. Of course her neck looks thin, she's mid-sentence. Faith Hill is gorgeous.

  8. 8

    She does have braces…I would think that having those makes you lose weight since you have a hard time eating. As long as she's healthy, that's all that matters!

  9. Michelle says – reply to this


    So it's okay to talk about how Faith Hill's body is unhealthy but not okay when it comes to someone like Melissa McCarthy who is clearly morbidly obese?

  10. Michele says – reply to this


    You can't win. Either you are too skinny or too fat. Who cares about her weight? Who cares? And exactly what the person said about how it is not cool to talk about Melissa McCarthy, but it is okay to rag on Faith Hill for being too skinny.

  11. Jessica says – reply to this


    Its not really your place to judge if she is healthy or not…

  12. pamcakes says – reply to this


    It's the braces…I lost 20 pounds within 4 months. Because it hurts to eat!

  13. Jenn says – reply to this


    She looked disgusting at the Grammys. Her cheeks bones were so sunken in that it was like she was auditioning to play in a remake of Schindler's List. Either she has lost too much weight or her makeup artist needs to learn how to contour correctly. I don't think her body looks that thin, but when you are her age and you lose weight it comes off your face and leaves you looking scary thin when you aren't really. Her gaining a few pounds to fill out her face would do her wonders.

  14. 14

    She not only looks too thin but what the hell has happened to her face? Not the braces, but her entire face. She used to be so gorgeous but something has gone awry with her face. Tim is qhite trim too. I think hubby has traded his alcohol addiction to exercise addiction. Four hours a day he works out. Four hours a day! Read it in People.

  15. msmiri says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – THIS!

  16. 16

    When I first saw her, I didn't even recognize her. She has lost that glow and looks haggard. I thought it may be the braces, but it's not. I think with her husband admitting he had a drinking problem and her scary looks, could there be trouble in paradise ?

  17. Cody says – reply to this


    Faith is not a cocaine addict… God people are stupid. She's always been very lean and thin. I think she looks good. She's been doing the Vegas tour for a few months now and she always loses weight when she's on tour, as do most entertainers. She also has braces which makes it harder to eat since it makes your mouth sore and you have to worry about the braces popping off of your teeth when you chew. I was brave one day and had a sour dough hard pretzel and popped two of my braces off. Eating is a challenge with braces and protein shakes are gross. I love Faith, I think she's gorgeous and I can't wait for her new album!

  18. 18

    If she would stop using coke she would look so much better……

  19. Georgie girl says – reply to this


    She probably lost weight when Tim was going through bad times. Maybe she suffered too. The braces aren't helping either. She is still beautiful and a great singer. Hopefully she will gain at least 10 lbs back after the braces come off. It seems Tim's problems are no longer! Happy for that.

  20. Tammi says – reply to this


    Her problems started when Gwyneth cozied up to her AND Tim to try to get in the Nahville elite. Gwyenth messed with her head, got her insecure about her looks, TIm's drinking got horrible. Gwyneth was the reason. They came to London couple months ago and Gwynnie priss and the nice but now neurotic due to the insidious GOOP did not even see each other. (Although some say it was because Gwyneth hid out for 2 months prior to her recent PR from hell TMI tour to recover from all her pre-tour surgeries - probably both are true.)